Ishan Avasthi


Hello! I'm Ishan Avasthi from Jaipur, India. I am a Computer Science Undergraduate at Scaler School of Technology, Bangalore. I am very passionate about technology and willing to pursue a career in it. I am also pursuing B.Sc. in CS by BITS Pilani and M.Sc. in CS by WOOLF University.


Innovative solution to effortlessly organize, view and search through files, folders, and documents stored in Google Drive.
A Personal Project. Can be found here.

Ishan Avasthi's Blog

Sharing some of my knowledge like tech-tips, book summaries etc. Can be found here.

Video/Audio downloader website.

A website to download .m3u8 hls streams as https mp4 file.
Also supports downloading content from various sites like SoundCloud, Twitter etc.
Can be found here.

Celebrating 75+ years of Indian Independence